When the End comes, What do you do?

The other day we noticed a bunch of people going through a neighbors house. Furniture, and all of his belongings were strewn all over the yard with signs that read “For Sale.” My kids and I were curious about this because just the day or two before we saw the sweet old guy that lived there walking around tending to his yard, putting up his American flag and lowering it each day, etc. So we were kinda sadden with the realization that he must have died. We heard that he went on to hospice and basically that was the end, Sadly!

We all see and hear of these situations everyday, but what do families do when this happens? Where do they turn to start this process of clearing out and cleaning out? This is where I can come in to rescue them. My company, The Declutter Company will sympathetic and lovingly help go through each and every item and decide what steps need to be taken. Whether its clearing out, bringing in estate sales companies, painting, prepping the house to sell and staging, we will be there every step of the way.

Services the DeClutter Company offers:
Home Staging
Project Manager
Relocation Set Up

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