October Newsletter

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When the End comes, What do you do?

The other day we noticed a bunch of people going through a neighbors house. Furniture, and all of his belongings were strewn all over the yard with signs that read "For Sale." My kids and I were curious about this because just the day or two before we saw the sweet old guy that lived there walking around tending to his yard, putting up his American flag and lowering … [Read more...]

New Year! New You!

This year while you’re planning all of your New Year’s Resolutions, resolve to lose weight! Yes, plan to lose about 50 lbs! You can find that 50 lbs in your closets, your pantry, under your cabinets and in the dreaded garage! Remember after putting away all the Christmas things in your home and  looking around you may have said, “Boy, it sure looks different in … [Read more...]

Home Organization

11.8.12 The importance of a name. I am so excited to share that I have changed the name of my Organizational business to "The Declutter Company", formally known as Total Home Management. This decision happened because many people didn;t truly didn't understand what it is that I do. The last straw was when a lady called me asking if I do property management! … [Read more...]