What’s your first impression when you see a home with red carpet? What about wallpaper? Click here to see before and afters of just that. I was asked to stage this home in The Woods neighborhood and immediately I knew that we HAD to get rid of the carpet. The after pictures are so amazing!

You can count on The Declutter Company to help you every step of the way in getting your listings ready for the market.  We will work closely with you and your clients giving our best advise, based upon the market conditions and expectations and paying close attention to budgets and needs.

Staging Reports:

Walk-through Staging Consultation Report

What you get:

  • Suggestions on how to get the home ready to sell.
  • Optimization tips for better layout of current furniture
  • Needed accessories and where they go

If you would like me to stage the property for you please refer to my Real Estate Staging Packages.

Vacant Home Staging

Staging a vacant home is crucial! Instead of allowing a buyer to pick the home apart, and find all of the flaws, you will save the deal by showcasing the home in its best possible light. Vacant staging is the blueprint for the buyers future living arrangement. By having furniture in place, it will show buyer what size sofa will fit or what to do with an awkward space. See here for Vacant Staging

Occupied Homes that need staging

Do you ever wonder how to tell a home owner that their decor is out of date? Or how about all of their clutter? What do you say when you see dust bunnies under all of the furniture? Are you comfortable with being honest with your sellers that their home need attention in order to sell? If the answer is yes, then you need to call me today. See here for some great before and after photos. Owner Occupied Staging

Here is another owner occupied home that needed staging badly! This home was overtaken by kids and their toys. Owner Occupied Staging 2

Do you like the before and after pictures that you see here? Do you struggle with having your listing just “sitting” on the market? Then don’t wait, call me today for your no obligation home staging consultation 904.238.9040


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