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New Year, New Goals!

What a fun year so far! I've been working on decluttering my own life and focusing on what's most important to me. My God, My Family and My Work. I'm so happy that I've had time to dream, revamp, create and put into practice what I want out of my life. This year is sure to be a super successful one if only I stay focused on my dreams and not allow distractions to come … [Read more...]

Downsizing, Re-Design and Relocation Set Up

Having trouble going through years and years of personal belongings?  Scared to get rid of Aunt Elsie's china?  What if you need it again?  Where do I start?  What do I do with all this stuff?  How do I part with all these memories?  How will I ever get all of this done on my own? These may be a few questions that run through a person's mind when trying to downsize … [Read more...]

Are you having trouble selling your home? We can Help you sell it faster and for more money!! Give us a call today.

 We specialize in helping people get their home ready to sell. We take into account what buyers are looking for and make suggestions for updating the home. Sometimes this includes decluttering and sometimes it means complete home staging. How do we do this? We have extensive training and experience to market your house and make it a place that buyers are looking … [Read more...]

Real Estate Staging can help sell your home.

Real Estate Staging can help you sell your house by making it more appealing to potential buyers by bringing in accessories that add a level of warmth and functionality that will facilitate the vision of "yes, I could live here" in your potential buyers mind.   Studies have shown that properties that are staged properly can sell in half the time.  Make the most of … [Read more...]